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Site Constructed Tanks

Count on Skaw® to assist with design and construct tanks on your job site in the New Auburn, Wisconsin, area. Permitting weather conditions, we are capable of starting and finishing your site constructed tank in 3 days. Our tanks are designed with your specific size and shaped to fit the area allowed for your system. It is also extremely durable, designed with 4500 psi reinforced concrete. We provide unlimited tank size and configurations. We also offer a written warranty for no leaks or tank collapsing. We offer a variety of products, including:

  • Precast Grease Interceptors
  • Siphon Tanks
  • Precast Concrete Drywells
  • Infiltrator Chambers
  • Concrete Storm Shelters and Basins
  • Custom Biomicrobics (AdvanTex Tanks)
  • Manhole Risers
  • Covers
  • Alerts
  • Alarms
  • Fuel Containment Cells
  • Precast Farm Products

WS Series Tanks

Learn more about why you should choose our WS Series Tanks for your projects.

One-Piece Construction

The WS Series Tanks are 2,000 gallon concrete, seamless cover joint holding tanks that are manufactured in a 2-step process. This process eliminates exposed joints. This tank will not leak, and features a 28" leakproof inlet.

Water Stop Seal

The WS Series Tanks feature a water stop seal, which is embedded into the walls of the tank and into the cover of the tank through a 2-stage pour. This is poured-in-place seal to eliminate the possibility of leaking at the seamless joint.

Added Strength

The addition of interior support columns and a fifth wall in the center of the tank provides significant additional support for the tank cover, floor, and walls. This is designed to increase the strength and durability. The added strength extends the life of your tank.

Homeowners might not give much thought to the differences between pre-cast septic holding tanks until they have a problem. Make the right choice upon installation and choose the Skaw® Water Stop tank for your home or vacation property for extended life, better overall performance, and decreased maintenance. The patented design provides a stronger tank that eliminates groundwater or runoff from leaking into your tank. Water leaking into your tank can cause more frequent maintenance, yard problems, or premature failure.

Patented Design

The Skaw® Water Stop precast concrete septic tank design and manufacturing process has been awarded a United States patent. The seamless cover joint holding tank design eliminates leaks and has enhanced durability.

Fully Assembled Delivery

The WS Series Tanks are delivered fully assembled and set on site in one piece. This ensures the best tank integrity and offers long range performance.

Service Territory

Skaw® delivers and installs precast concrete tanks and products throughout Northwestern Wisconsin. For inquiries outside of our ordinary service area, please contact us.

Stock Tank

Stock Tank Children Next to a Stock Tank

Capacity: 665 gallons
Dimensions: 89.5" x 77" x 28"
Weight: 5,394 Pounds

  • 1" threaded pipe drain
  • 3" thick walls
  • 4" thick floor
  • 4,000 psi reinforced concrete
Note: Cattle will not shove or cave in this watering tank. With proper care it will last a lifetime.

Boat Landing Panels

Boat Landing
Size Square Feet Yards Weight
14' x 8' x 8" 112 2.76 11,040 Pounds
12' x 8' x 8" 96 2.36 9,440 Pounds
10' x 8' x 8" 80 1.97 7,880 Pounds
14' x 6' x 8" 84 2.07 8,280 Pounds
12' x 6' x 8" 72 1.75 7,000 Pounds
10' x 6' x 8" 60 1.47 5,880 Pounds
3/8" stainless steel cables poured in each corner allows permanent fastening.

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