Call Skaw® for reliable on time delivery of the tank you need. Our delivery personnel has over 100 years combined experience delivering concrete tanks.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose our products.

  1. Our patented WS-Series one-piece 2,000-gallon Holding Tanks never leak and have a riser joint seal.
  2. Skaw® pre-cast manufactures wet cast three-foot manhole risers sections. The three-foot sections have less joints and allows less leaking, which also provides a faster manhole-riser installation time.
  3. Skaw® tank selection. Skaw® offers a 28″ inlet 2,000-gallon holding tank and a 28″ inlet 1222 gallon septic tank. Ideal for high ground water job sites or digging into bedrock. This tank is heavy has a 4″ thick floor. Other tanks manufactured exclusively at Skaw® include a two-chambered 1,000 gallon septic tank and a 1,250 gallon “two bedroom” combination tank. Either of these two tanks would extend the life of a conventional septic system drain field.
  4. Skaw® one-piece installation. Skaw® tanks allow for deeper depth of bury with no worries. Larger Skaw® tanks have a fifth inner wall, this fifth wall holds the cover up, the walls apart, and the floor down. All Skaw® tanks leave the plant with the tank covers sealed in place, unless specified by you. This saves installation time and, more importantly, places leak warranties on us.
  5. Skaw® tanks exceed stringent government codes. Skaw® tanks have 3-inch or 4-inch thick floors and 3-inch thick walls.
  6. All products are manufactured with 4,500 psi reinforced concrete.

When you compare the weight of our tanks to any other manufacturer, ours require less or no additional weight when anchoring is required.

Skaw Tanks Have A Fifth Wall for Added Support

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